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Pratt Shelby - The "Inside Out" Tie Knot Pratt Shelby tie knot picture
Description: Pratt Shelby is a medium sized and symmetric tie knot. It is also known as "Pratt knot" or "Shelby knot". This tie knot was invented by Jerry Pratt who worked at the US Chamber of Commerce. He used it "unnoticed" for over 20 years. But after the TV-reporter Don Shelby personality started using it, it became popular all over the world.

What is so special about the Pratt Shelby knot, is that it is tied from an inside-out starting position. Be aware that this makes the short end of the tie lying with the reverse side out even after the knot is tied.
Typical use: Pratt Shelby can be used for most occasions. Medium size and a "neutral", symmetric look makes it a great all-round tie knot. But be aware that the short end of the tie will have the reverse side out. So if you are wearing the Pratt Shelby tie knot with an open jacket, or without jacket, you should consider wearing a tie clip.

The Pratt Shelby knot "uses" little of the ties length. Therefore it is ideal for shorter ties or taller men.
Pratt Shelby knot on a crazy coloured tie
How to tie a Pratt Shelby tie knot:
How to tie Pratt Shelby tie knot
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