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How to Tie a Bow Tie - Hip, Trendy and Stylish Tie With Long Traditions.
  How to tie a bow tie

Description: The bow tie is a kind of necktie with long traditions (back to the 17th century). But the last years, the bow tie has become hip and trendy. So if you are a traditional necktie-user, you should consider trying a bow tie!

Typical use: The bow tie is perfect to use with your suit for so called fun-formal events such as dinner, cocktail parties and "nights out". Our Special Tie Agents also mean that a bow tie is the only right tie to use with a tuxedo (dinner jacket/ dinner dress).

It is possible to buy pre-tied bow ties, but real gentlemen tie their bow ties by themselves! It is not easy, but we show you how to do it below. Good luck!

How to Tie a Bow Tie?
How to tie a bow tie
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Bow Tie illustration: Wikimedia Commons, author: "Chris 73". Other illustrations: Dreamstime / iStockphoto