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Four in Hand - The Simple Tie Knot Four in Hand tie knot picture
Description: Four in Hand is a easy-to-tie tie knot. It is a small and asymmetrical knot. It is discreet, but at the same time, the asymmetrical look makes it a "trendy" and "sporty" tie knot. Four in Hand is often called "The Schoolboy Knot". It is believed to be the most used tie knot in the world. This is probably due to its simplicity.
Typical use: Four in Hand tie knot can be used for most occasions. But do not use this tie knot for very formal or fancy events/parties.

We think the Four in Hand tie knot is best for informal occasions because of its small size and asymmetrical and "sporty"/"trendy" look.

Four in Hand is the perfect knot for skinny ties. You are familiar with the new, trendy style with skinny/thinner ties, aren't you? If not, you should visit your nearest fashion clothing store! The girls love it. Say no more...

Four in Hand can be used by all kind of persons, but it is specially well suited for someone with a short neck. This is because this narrow tie knot can give an illusion of a longer neck.

If a girl plans to use tie, she should definitely choose the Four-in-hand tie knot.
How to tie a Four in Hand tie knot:  
How to tie a Four in Hand tie knot
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