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Tie Wrinkles - How to Prevent and Remove Tie Wrinkles

Wrinkles does not look good on a tie! Learn how to prevent and remove wrinkles from your tie here! Your wife will be overjoyed :)

How to prevent wrinkles: Make sure that you always untie your tie after use! By storing the tie hanging on a tie rack or rolled up in a box, you will also prevent wrinkles.

Get rid of the wrinkles: A tie with wrinkles really does not look very good! But we know how to get rid of the wrinkles, and it quite easy too: Simply roll up and then "unroll" the tie several times. Then make a "tie-roll" (see picture below) and lay it with the "flat" side down on a flat surface (like on the picture below) for a couple of hours. If the wrinkles still are there after trying this, you can try to iron the tie (but be aware that the tie can be permanently damaged by doing so).

Get rid of tie wrinkles
Roll your tie like this and place on a flat surface for a couple of hours to get rid of wrinkles. Good luck!
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