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All Tie Knots - How to Tie a Tie?
There are several different tie knots. Different tie knots suit different outfits and occasions. Learn more about the different tie knots below, and see how to tie the knots.
Different Tie Knots: Tie a Tie.com - How to tie a tie - tie tips & tricks
Most popular tie knots:
"Four-in-hand": This is a very simple tie knot that is small and asymmetric. It suits very well "rough" and "sporty" outfit styles. It is also ideal for use with thin/skinny ties.
Half Windsor Knot: The Half Windsor Knot is a true "all-round knot" that can be used for most occasions. It is a medium sized and symmetric tie knot.
Windsor knot: The Windsor knot, sometimes called Double Windsor, is a true classic! It is a large and symmetric knot. This is the right tie knot for special occasions!
Pratt Shelby knot: The Pratt Shelby knot is a quite "new" tie knot. It is medium sized and symmetrical. It`s start position is with the reverse side out(!). Ideal for short ties and tall persons.
Bow Tie: See how to tie a bow tie here.
Printable Tie Knots Overview:
Make a printout and hang it up on your wardrobe door: Printable Tie Knots Overview
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