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Half Windsor - The All-round Tie Knot Half Windsor tie knot picture
Description: Half Windsor is a medium sized, symmetric tie knot. This tie knot is also called Single Windsor. It is smaller than its "brother" Windsor, but larger than the Four-in-hand knot. Compared to Windsor (or Full Windsor as it also is called), Half Windsor is also less bulky.
Typical use: Due to its medium size and "neutral" look, Half Windsor is a very good all-round tie knot. It can be used in all occasions and by all kind of persons.

If you are looking for a tie knot for very formal/fancy events/parties, we recommend Windsor knot. If you plan to wear a very "rough" or "sporty" outfit, you should consider the Four-in-hand knot. But for all kind of use in between - Half Windsor is an excellent choice!

The Windsor Knot works best with medium and light weight fabrics.
How to tie a Half Windsor tie knot:
How to tie Half Windsor tie knot
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"Four-in-hand": This is a very simple tie knot that is small and asymmetric. It suits very well "sporty" outfit styles. It is also ideal for use with thin/skinny ties.
Half Windsor Knot: The Half Windsor Knot is a true "all-round knot" that can be used for most occasions. It is a medium sized and symmetric tie knot.
Windsor knot: The Windsor knot, sometimes called Double Windsor, is a true classic! It is a large and symmetric knot. This is the right tie knot for special occasions!
Pratt Shelby knot: The Pratt Shelby knot is a quite "new" tie knot. It is medium sized and symmetrical. It`s start position is with the reverse side out(!). Ideal for short ties and tall persons.
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