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Since you are reading this, you are probably in an emergency situation. Your suit looks great, your shirt is newly ironed (hopefully) and your shoes are polished (yes, you actually need to polish your shoes...) But what about your tie? You have forgot how to tie a tie, right? Relax! Our top trained Special Tie Agents have developed a step-to-step guide that helps you tie your tie in 1-2-3!
How to tie a tie There are many different tie knot styles. Different styles suit different outfits and occasions. How to tie a tie Find your tie knot style below, and follow our step-to-step guides (pictures and video). How to tie a tie Congratulations! You are now wearing a tie knot approved by our Special Tie Agents! Let`s party!
Which Tie Knot is The Right For You? Tie a Tie.com - How to tie a tie - tie tips & tricks
Four in Hand: This is a very simple tie knot that is small and asymmetric. It suits very well "sporty" and "trendy" outfit styles. It is ideal for skinny ties.
Half Windsor Knot: The Half Windsor Knot is a true "all-round knot" that can be used for most occasions. It is a medium sized and symmetric tie knot.
Windsor Knot: The Windsor knot, sometimes called Double Windsor, is a true classic! It is a large and symmetric knot. This is the right tie knot for special occasions!
Pratt Shelby Knot: Pratt Shelby is a medium sized and symmetric tie knot. Tied with the reverse side out(!). Ideal for short ties and tall persons.
Bow Tie: Wearing a Tuxedo? We show you how to tie a bow tie here.
Tie Tips & Tricks:
Tie Length: What is the proper tie length? We will give you the answer here...
Tie Color: What tie color for what occasion? Be sure not to break the dress code!
Tie Storage: How should you store a tie to keep it perfect? We know! Let us tell you...
How to prevent and get rid of wrinkles? Who wants wrinkles on their tie?
How to Clean a Tie? Have you spilled on your tie? Uhh, no good! But let`s see what we can do...
How to iron a tie? Ironing a tie is actually no good idea. But if you absolutely have to, then read this tips and tricks first!
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